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Windscreen Repair Resins

Windscreen Repair Resins


Glass Technology's Windscreen Repair Resins have been strictly tested to meet the high demands of our customers.  Regardless of climate the Diamond Clear Resin family has the right product for the repair.  Windscreen repair resin is a major factor in providing a repair that will last for the life of the Windscreen without yellowing, fading, or adhesion problems. 

The Diamond Clear Resin family is engineered with longevity and usiblity in mind.  All of these product have UV inhibitors that prevent yellowing and also do not incorporate Acrylic Acid materials which results in a more user friendly product.


BSI Tested for Quality

Our windscreen repai­r resin products have successfully tested and passed BSI BS AU251 1994 testing. The British Standard Institute (BSI) facilitated the testing of Glass Technology's Diamond Clear Resin. The BSI employs more than 2000 representatives in more than 86 countries. BSI British Standards is the National St­andards Body of the UK and develops standards and standardization solutions to meet the needs of business and society. The British Standard subjected Glass Technology's Diamond Clear Resin to a: high humidity test, high temperature test, radiation test, visual appearance test, optical distortion test, light scatter test, 2.2 kg ball impact test, 1.5 headform test and a three point bend test, all of which the resin is reported to have passed. Glass Technology has been manufacturing windscreen repair resin for more than 24 years. "In order to better differentiate Glass Technology product for our competitors we felt obligated to add credentials to our Diamond Clear Resin. This testing is another stepping stone for us in the ultimate pursuit of increasing the quality and recognition that the windscreen repair industry deserves," said Rory Most, Glass Technology General Manager.

Diamond Clear Results

To enhance your performance as a windscreen repair technician, we have developed several resins to meet the varying needs in the windscreen repair business. Diamond Clear resins have been developed to provide you a resin specifically designed for the repair situation. The Diamond Clear family offers resins for normal breaks, special breaks, long crack repair, and cold weather, as well as acrylic-acid-free resins. Glass Technology is always developing new resins to meet the future needs of our highly successful worldwide customer network. For a Glass Technology customer, Diamond Clear resins do make a difference. They allow you to do the highest quality repairs that competitive resins simply can't do. They are designed to last for the life of the vehicle, which gives you a warranty your competitor can't match. Diamond Clear Resins are continually enhanced to provide you with the latest in resin technology our newest products are an example of this.
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