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Windscreen Repair Demo Videos

Spectrum Demonstration Video

Glass Technology, leading the way in windscreen repair with our patented SPECTRUM windscreen repair kit. The best hand-operated windscreen repair kit available anywhere, with new PRISM Technology, PRISM stands for Pre Resin Injection Suspension Method. PRISM utilizes a separate side resin chamber that allows for a completely efficient dry vacuum rather then the old way of trying to pull air thru a liquid resin which is covering the damaged area. Why would you put the resin in the break before you have vacuumed out the air? It doesn't make sense does it?

Maxim Demonstration Video

Since the Maxim is "hands free", the technician has time to perform other services, scout for additional repairs or spend time with the customer. Recent advancements to the?Maxim give the operator productivity features like "dry vacuum" and the ability to perform up to three repairs simultaneously. It is definitely the world's most sophisticated windscreen repair kit. Now with patented PRISMtm technology.


Crack Repair Demonstration Video

Glass Technology's long crack repair technology allows any technician to expand their capabilities in windscreen repair. Utilizing this specific technology you will be able to repair neglected windscreen breaks that may have traveled. Glass Technology Diamond Clear Crack Repair resin have a higher tensile strength formulation which insures all crack repairs will be sealed for the life of the windscreen.

Diamond Bluwave Demonstration Video

Glass Technology's latest advancement in windscreen repair uses high-intensity UV LED technology to cure all windscreen repair breaks while under pressure. This technology allows for a stronger cross-hatching and linking during the curing process which results in a stronger repair. Update your curing process with the Diamond Bluwave curing system. Produces over 15,000 cures before any LED maintenance is needed.

ZipLine Auto Glass Cutting Line

Engineered and developed to provide durability, strength, performance, and safety to enhance the cutting results of any auto glass wire cutting system… The ZipLine™ is a state of the art material designed to completely eliminate auto body scratching that occurs when using standard steel or braided wire. In conjunction with its anti-scratch quality, ZipLine™ has an abrasion resistant technology that offers the auto glass industry its first reusable auto glass removal line. ZipLine™ features a “no load under stress” reaction to line breakage. If the line breaks, it will not retract, spin or coil the way steel and braided wires do. This keeps the technician safe from potential injury.


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