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UV Curing with Diamond BluWave

Glass Tech­nology released an industry first. As of Feb 2009, Glass Technology's has began production of the advanced Diamond BluWaveTMhigh intensity ultraviolet curing system specifically for autoglass. This dynamic approach to UV curing will c­hange the way technicians performs a windscreen repair as well as improve other procedures that traditional methods require. The Diamond BluWaveTM is a high int­ensity UV curing process which ensures proper cross-linking and cross-hatching, which results in a stronger cure and bond using Diamond Clear ResinTM. The high intensity light emitting diodes are positioned to completely surround the damage that is being repaired, producing the correct UV wavelength needed for proper curing.


Curing Methods

Many traditional curing methods use cheap low intensity, low wattage florescent bulbs that can produce weak ultraviolet light. Most of the windscreen repair resin currently used require a ultraviolet light to create the cross-linking and cross-hatching that is essential for UV polymer molecules to bond to the glass as well as to each other. These cheap low intensity curing methods can adversely affect the windscreen repair through a slower curing process resulting in a weaker cross linking and hatching reaction. 

The complete curing process produced by the Diamond BluWaveTM system was engineered so that the technician can maintain complete physical and visual contact with the repair area. Unlike traditional low intensity traditional florescent bulb curing methods, the Diamond BluWaveTM auto glass curing system gives the technician complete control on when to cure the repair without removing the injector and exposing the repair to air that can re-enter the pit area causing air pockets. Since the B1uWave is intergraded into the injector and bridge they now require no removal during the curing process, the injector can be used during the curing process to produce pressure to hold the resin into the repair while it is being cured. The Diamond BluWaveTM has an eco-friendly design which is completely portable requiring no external power source and will cure up to 15,000 repairs before any UV light maintenance is required. 

The Diamond BluWaveTM high intensity UV auto glass curing system in concert with Glass Technology's PRISMTM dry vacuum system is another testament to advancing the quality of a windscreen repair. Patent pending.
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