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Glass Scratch Repair Testing

Glass Technology is continuously testing its product to maintain its cutting edge solutions throughout the glass industry. Glass scratch removal can be an effective solution, but only if the technology to repair the glass is effective. ASTM independent testing as provides these results for Glass Technology to insure the inidustry leading effectivness of out products. Distortion free even when repairing heavy scratches.

Project Summary:

An independent testing company was contracted by Glass Technology to perform Scratch Distortion evaluations and determination of Modulus of Rupture (Glass Structural Integrity) on repaired 1/4 inch thick Old Castle Tempered Glass panel samples.? No defects were observed in the glass upon initial blemish detection evaluation.? Heavy scratch blemishes were created in all samples by testing personnel (scratches visible beyond 132 inches) using 320 grit carbide sand paper.? Upon repair of the scratched areas by Glass Technology, the sample condition was returned to that of the initial evaluation with no distortion defects observed.? Flexural Testing yielded a mean Modulus of Rupture of 26,300 psi for the control samples, 25,800 psi for the scratched samples and 26,100 psi for the repaired samples.

Result Summary:

This independent testing provides scientific analysis with certified standard testing under ASTM guidelines that the Scratch Hog system can and will remove the heaviest tested scratching with distortion free results.? It also concludes that the Scratch Hog strengthens the structural integrity of glass once the repair is finalized.? Repair and strengthen the glass at the same time with the Scratch Hog system.

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