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Long Crack Repair Resin

Glass Technology began long crack repair in 1986 and have evolved the repair process using crack jack technology. Glass Technology's goal is to provide our customers with the best crack repairs possible. We have always believed that the secret to a quality long crack repair was in the resin and filling process; We were correct! We have developed a long crack resin that contains all the attributes to achieve a high-quality crack repair.

New easy to use, Technology

  • Compatible with other windscreen repair systems
  • Highest quality long crack repairs ­
  • No patent, franchise or royalty fees
  • Easy to learn

Strength & Optical Clarity

The Diamond Clear CR resin has passed the BS AU 251 standard for repair resins. In fact, often when properly cured the Diamond Clear Crack resin can exceed the tensile strength of the original glass depending upon the type of glass. The Diamond Clear CR provides a refractive index that duplicates the glass itself and creates a repair that is difficult to detect.

Easy To Use

Although the Diamond Clear CR is very strong, it is also relatively thin. This unique combination of low viscosity and superior strength is what gives Diamond Clear long crack repair its superiority in the marketplace. This provides you with a resin that flows easily into the tightest crack yet gives the repair enough holding power for you to offer a lifetime guarantee.

Acid Free

As with all the new resins in the Diamond Clear family, Diamond Clear CR is acrylic acid free. Not only do these resins produce higher quality, longer lasting repairs, but they are also void of the hazardous acrylic acid found in the majority of the resins available today. We also offer all the specially tools, training and toll-free technical support to become a crack repair expert in your marketplace, right away! And, it doesn't matter what windscreen repair equipment you have. The new Diamond Clear Crack Kit is compatible with any system available.
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