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How Glass Scratch Removal Works

Glass Scratching is so prevalent in the glass industry it's not a matter of if the glass will get scratched, but when. Glass Technology's systematic approach to removing scratches from glass is easy to understand so that damaged surfaces can be repaired easily and effectively.

How to Remove Glass Scratches

Ever wondered how to remove glass scratches? Common sense dictates that if you want to remove a scratch, then you must remove some of the glass to get down to the bottom of the scratch. The fact is, there is no other way to effectively remove scratches and restore glass to its original clarity. While other systems try to sell you on the latest illogical approach, Glass Technology combines innovative technology with real science and testing to produce distortion free results. The Wet and Dry Scratch Hog Systems safely go three times deeper than other methods and remove mild to severe scratching with little or no visible distortion. With these two systems combined, there is literally no scratch repair job too large or excessive to repair. Set your company apart by offering the best scratch removal service and accept those scratch repair jobs that competitors reluctantly turn down. The standard industry adage of "if it can be felt, it cannot be repaired" is no longer true! With the Scratch Hog systems excellent results can be achieved on even the deepest of glass damage.


The Wet Scratch Hog

The Wet Scratch Hog uses a series of advanced abrasive sanding discs created with a patented micro-replication process. This breakthrough technology forms the discs by applying microscopic 3-D structures in a uniform pyramid pattern to a special backing material. Each disc is graded by micron size and color-coded to help you select the proper disc depending on the severity of the scratch. The Scratch Hog pumps distilled water from a portable reservoir through an industrial grade Center Water Feed Machine. The water not only keeps­ the glass at a constant temperature but also activates the special discs. The discs will not work dry. Other systems can leave the cutting surface hot and dry. This can crack the glass. Feeding an ample supply of water through the center of the glass cutting disc accomplishes three important tasks:

  • The water activates the cutting properties of the Scratch Hog's patented discs.
  • The water spins through the disc and flushes away ground glass to expose new layers and to provide you with a clean and clear work surface.
  • Spraying the glass with water as you work maintains a controlled, safe temperature. Other systems can generate extreme temperatures that risk cracking the glass, thus eliminating your profit.

The results are distortion free repairs. "The Scratch Hog" uses the highest quality polishing material. Glass Technology offers two great choices: Diamond Fast Powder or Diamond Fast Liquid. These superior polishes enable you to quickly restore the luster and clarity of the glass to a like-new condition, including removing hard water stains on glass.

The Dry Scratch Hog

The Dry Scratch Hog uses a series of advanced substrate restoration discs created to effively remove damage from large surface areas. This technology is the latest in Glass Technology's family of glass scratch removal processes. Each disc is graded by grit size and uses a quick change hook-and-loop backing that help the technician become more efficient as new materials are needed. Discs are graded from most agressive to mild as you select the proper disc depending on the severity of the scratch. The Dry Scratch Hog uses a micro filter dust collection system from a powerful 4 hp vacuum that attaches to an industrial grade polisher. The particulate extraction is important since the restoration is done on a dry glass surface, keeping ­the glass particulate dust in a filtration collection chamber and out of the air. This process easily removes damage from large scale applications, making it the number one choice for extensive proprety damage.

  1. Dry restoration discs in a variety of agressions effectively outperform any other glass scratch removal process.
  2. Glass Technology's Dry Scratch Hog has been engineered with a micro filter dust collection system that captures and storse the glass particulate as the repair is performed. A plus for both the health and safety of the user and in OSHA regulated areas of operation.
  3. Ideal for large glass damage areas, whether its 1 or 1000 windows.....move forward with confidence.

The Dry Scratch Hog uses the highest quality polishing materials, tools and components. When the Dry and Wet Scratch Hog systems are paired together a user is equipped with the most complete glass restoration technology and equipment available on the market today--guaranteed.

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