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Glass Graffiti Film Protection

Many cities ­across the country are experiencing graffiti in the form of glass etching, scratching, and paint from vandals. The Scratch HogTM in concert with film protection can remove scratches and graffiti and restore and protect the glass as well as prolong the life of most architectural glass surfaces. E­xpand your Glass Scratch Restoration by adding Glass Technology's Glass Graffiti Film.

Glass Graffiti Film and the Scratch Hog

This product is a must for anyone using our Scratch Hog. Using Glass Technology's unique Micro Replication abrasion and polishing process the Scratch Hog easily and effective removes the damage and preps the area to provide an easy transition from repairing the graffiti or scratching damage to installing the film for future protection. With Glass Technology's Scratch Hog and Graffiti film you will be able to effectively repair and protect glass property from the everyday elements.

Glass Graffiti Film that Prolongs and Protects

This durable 4 mil thick film is designed to protect all commercial and residential glass that has been subjected to glass surface damage. Glass Technology Graffiti Film creates a barrier on the outside of the glass that protects the glass from heavy scraps and scratches, and also holds the window together in cases where the glass may have been shattered. If you have experienced intentional graffiti or incidental scratching damage this is perfect solution that will save thousands in glass replacement cost. Glass Technology Graffiti Film is design to be invisible once it is apply to the glass making it unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Protect glass and save money

Glass Technology's Graffiti Film works on many applications. Residential Glass entry doors or sliding door tend to reside in high traffic areas, installing film on these glass applications is a great way to protect larger more expensive glass from needing to be replaced. Also great for preventing pet scratches on residential windows. Because of the films has virtually invisible properties you can apply it to any glass surface with it being recognized. This product is great to use on commercial store front windows, bathroom mirrors, display cases, glass furniture surfaces and much more.

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