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Glass Technology (GT) is the world leader for Windscreen Repair Kits and Resins, Headlight Lens Repair equipment and products and Scratched Glass Repair equipment. You can now obtain the world’s most advanced windscreen repair equipment, headlight restoration kit and scratched glass repair kit for use in your business right here in Australia.

Glass Technology's Maxim "TM" Windscreen Repair System uses PRISM technology. Coupled with the latest Blu-Wave TM high intensity UV LED curing system the Maxim allows you to produce the highest quality windscreen repairs faster than any other system on the market today.  

The Glass Technology Headlight Restoration System restores faded, milky, yellow and scratched headlight lenses to as new appearance. Look around any car-park and you may notice as many as 1 in 4 vehicles with some form of headlight lens deterioration that you could repair with GT's headlight lens restoration kit. 

The Glass Technology Scratch Restoration System will remove the deepest scratches from architectural building glass as well as automotive glass. Graffiti scratches in shop front windows and doors, construction damage and scratches on glass in new buildings and windscreen wiper scratches in cars can be removed at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Windscreen Repair   Headlight Lens Repair   Glass Scratch Repair
Windscreen Repair...Prism?   Headlight Lens Repair   Glass Scratch Repair

As most professional windscreen repairers know, the critical step in a successful windscreen repair is removing the air trapped inside the break. Using most other windscreen repair kits a vacuum is applied after the resin has been introduced into the break. This means the trapped air has to be drawn out of the break through the resin itself; a time consuming and inefficient process. Glass Technology’s Pre Resin Injection Suspension Method (PRISM)...

  Over the past several decades the use of plastics has become prevalent in the manufacture of automotive headlight lenses. Unfortunately, though safer and stronger when new, plastic headlight lenses can deteriorate over time to become unsightly, discoloured and less effective; rendering them unsafe. With Glass Technology's Diamond Clear Headlight Restoration kit headlights and other acrylic surfaces can be restored to "as-new" condition quickly and economically.   We heard your requests for a glass scratch removal system that can remove deep glass scratches on all types of glass. Severe scratches are considered those you can feel with your fingernail. Old methods try to polish the glass using a glass polishing paste that has been used for decades. These polishing materials are...
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